Visit to the V & A Primary Research

Realising that the focus of my research for this project is on the 1940's I went to visit the V&A in London to look at primary sources from the era . Here are some on my findings :

Here are images of original posters for events around the 40's , this shows the typography, layout and colour themes that would have been used . This will be useful if I decide to add text to the final images, this is something I am unsure on at this stage , until I have seen the final images, they may have enough impact on their own. However, I will be creating a Newspeak dictionary that will have text on the front cover .

Here are some examples of 40's jewellery , although this may not be something that is included in my final image as Julia is not described to wear jewellery. However , it was good to see these first hand and see how the 40's women would have dressed and also the colour tones that would have been used throughout the era .

Here are food advertisements that would have been published in the 40's, again this shows the type of imagery that George Orwell would have seen and the only colour that is bold in the book is the posters of Big Brother .

This is an image designer clothing in the 40's which shows the nipped in waist , this style of clothing enhances the natural shape of a woman .

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