Choosing ..... Image 1

I have decided that my first image will be when Julia and Winston first meet at the Two minutes hate . This is set in a room with chairs, there is a screeching noise and the room is filled with people of the Ministry of Truth chanting at a Telescreen. Julia works on machinery in the department of fiction she is often seen with oily hands which I would like to reflect in my image . She is dressed in overalls but as this is a contemporary fashion version of the narrative the styling will change through out the images but still reflect an overall using different items of clothing . She is described in to have a freckled face and has a bold impression on Winston . She gives him a piercing stare which I would like to use within my image .

The noise of the machine screeching need to represented with expression .

The image will depict Julia flunging the Newspeak dictionary at the telescreen and her crying out 'Swine Swine Swine' . The people  in the the room are described to be in an ecstasy of fear this also need to be depicted within the image. 

  • Mid length image 
  • Camera : In front of model slightly lower than eye level so the camera will be looking up at the model , to give the impression of power and authority of Julia 
  • Lighting : strong lighting from above on the model , top create an intensity 
  • Location : studio with dark background as  I would like the focus to be on Julia's aggressive action 
  • Model: To appear to be screaming Swine and throwing the book 
  • Hair : Up in victory rolls with a modern twist 
  • Make up : contouring , red lips, freckled face, strong lashes.Hands : Oil dripping , Nails shaped and red . 
  • Styling : A suit top, red sash with collar bones contoured. 
  • Image : Black and White . 

This is how I envisage the shoot to appear . 

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