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The Hunger Games was released in 2012 , which is based on the novel of the same name . However , there are references to a hyperreal world which is something that Orwell stated in 1984. This world of people watching and reality T.V was first acknowledge by Orwell long before it was even present in everyday life.

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The Hunger Games is based on a world which has been separated into districts , each districts must have 2 people to play in the games . These games are then projected in to large television screens for the communities to watch . The players must fight to the death to be the last one remaining. Although some districts have more chance than others due to wealth and the games are controlled by the Head Games maker to make the viewing more interesting .
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District 12 is a poor district with little money , this is how I would imagine the Proles in 1984 , forgotten about, struggling to survive . Broken windows,  housing falling down,grey torn clothes,not enough food to feed them . This is where the main character in the film Katniss is from , Katniss is a leader and would do anything to make sure her family survives . 
Julia has this fighting spirit but for herself as long as she is getting what she wants she is not interested in anyone else. I need to portray this strength and 'Bold' ness as described by Orwell .
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This is the moment when Katniss nominates herself to be in the Games, there is a visible difference in styling between the higher classes and the lower class. Bright feminine colours have been used for the higher class's with eccentric make up . As for Katniss the subdued blue and pale skin shows a huge divide , this is also portrayed in facial expressions and stance. Which is something I would like to look further into how the pose can portray an emotion . 
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The buildings which surround the games in the Capitol resemble the descriptions of 1984 they are grey , colour less . 
Lighting : I like how it has been lit up behind the characters , leaving the eye to focus in on the characters . It also gives a futuristic and clinical image . 
The men in suits play a similar role to the thought police, the police the community , I imagine this was the type of uniform they would wear just in dark colours.
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This is the moment that Katniss is being held back by the police , this would be the expression and the type of postioning that would be good for when Julia gets captured by the the Thought Police . 
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District 12 joined to await the nominations of the games , this is how I would envisage the hangings in 1984 to be held . As though it is a show, a performance , entertainment for the evening watching someone hand their life over . Julia and Winston meet at one of these procession , which could be captured in an image . 

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