Make up 1940's

War time rations impacted on cosmetics in 1940's which lead to women experimenting with different materials to make there own make up . Gravy granules were used as tan , beetroot juice as lipstick and burnt cork for mascara .  the iconic red lip has been identified in 1984 . Julia is described to have

Chapter II

 Eyes - ' light shade of brown, with dark lashes'   mouth - ' wide red mouth'   face - ' a freckled face'
Chapter IV - Julia buys a cosmetic kit and applies it unskillfully to her face .
cheeks - 'rouged ' 

Described by Winston
' With just a few dabs of colour in the right places she became not only very much prettier, but, above all, far more feminine . '
 Although prior to Julia buying the make up it is clear that she is a natural beauty and the youthful skin is something that I must portray in my images .
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Eyebrows were arched with a hint of colour to darken them , eyelashes were curled thick and long including the bottom lashes . Skin looks natural and flawless a hint of colour has been added to the cheeks , but still looks naturally youthful . Lips are bright red and plum , the top lip is long in length to the bottom lip . 

Image found :
On the eyelids in this image there is a hint of contouring in a light brown . I think the shaping of the eyebrows is as important as getting the correct red lip . These lips look glossy , which for a fashion image is something that could be experimented with . In recent technical session I have used gelatin to create a glossy lip with is dripping . This was just a first attempt and needs alot of practicing to create the correct look however I  believe this could create a modern twist on the classic lip .

The gelatine went a little lumpy , I would need to apply faster and in thinner layers to be able to achieve a smooth finish . Vaseline could also be applied to the lips but this may not give the same dripping effect . As Julia is a seductive woman this could work well with trying to portray her sexual nature. 

This make up is so distinct that it can be seen vividly in black and white , this is something I would like to look into further , I would like to see how much depth I can get into make up for a black and white image.  
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The bow lip was inspired by Joan Crawford 

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