René Bouët-Willaumez - Fashion Illustrator

René Bouët-Willaumez 
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A fashion illustrator who worked for French Vogue, René was able to capture movement , style and elegance in his pen and ink illustrations. 
These images were produced in the 1940's and show the fashion of the time, they also show the petite figure of a women which Julia is described to have: 'Athletic figure'.
The image above could also be a way of representing the red sash that enhances Julia hips , as well as an overall - an interpretation of an overall could items of clothing in the same colour. I would like them to give structure to the body and enhance the natural curves of a women . This will enhance the seductive nature of Julia . 
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In this bridal illustration , I am inspired by the way Rene has captured the face , this would interesting to transferred into make up . I like the subtle highlights and the rouge lip which it iconic in the 40's.  I would like to test with this and see how far the grey tones could be used on the skin without the model looking to deathly. This would also reflect 1984, as the human emotion is taken out of the people of Oceania, however, Julia is trying to keep some, with her outrageous actions and style .
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These images would be in fashion magazines that would influence the women on the 1940's. Although money and rations meant they were limited to materials women would want to look good for their men at war . 
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French Vogue spring 1949.
Although this was around the time the book was being published this would be the latest fashion the Orwell would have seen . This is also a vision of illustration, colour and props used around this era. This is something I would like to capture in my images , in  modern way . Experimenting with camera, lighting and post production will help to achieve this . 

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