Lisa Fonssagrives

Lisa Fonssagrives was the wife of Irving Penn and a fashion model during the 1940's gracing the covers of Vogue . I will include images of Lisa , this will help with my research in pose and stance for my final images . 
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Julia is described within the book to have an athletic figure , to show this with in  my final images I will use a slim model. Although I want my model to have hips and a bust to be able to portray the sexual nature of Julia . 
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I like the grainy texture within this image and how the lighting is directly on Lisa's face, like a spotlight.  This is something that I would like to experiment with during my testing as parts of the book would need strong lighting especially when Julia is finally caught by the Thought Police. 
Image Found :
This image shows  reference to the make up of the 40's and also the shape of the neckline on jackets . 
The image has been lit from above which has created a beautiful shade underneath the chin . 
Image Found:
This is another image which shows make up designs , like in Penns images this shows a harsh contrast between black and white . The arch in the eyebrow is prominent in the image , it also reflects the arches in the hat . This make up in this image is intense contouring, I would like to use this within at least one of my images as this can show the harshness in a personality. 
Image Found:
The arch in the eyebrow is also visible in this image and the eyeliner of the top lid of the lashes as Julia is describe to have dark lashes I will be adding a small line of liquid liner to the eyelid this will enhance the eye and remain in the theme of  1940's 
Image Found :

This is a Vogue cover from the year 1950 this shows how woman were seen towards the end of the 's 40's .

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