Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon has captured the images of many well known personalities , he began his career in 1944 working for Vogue and other fashion magazines . 
I choose to look at Avedon's images as they capture emotion and a narrative within a single frame , using lighting and camera angles Avedon has been able to create fascinating imagery. 

Image found :
An image of Elizabeth taylor an iconic actress in 1964 . This has been created by setting Taylor slightly off centre , the exposed chest shows her vulnerability and the head piece that is framed around her face shows that she is trapped in the image of herself . The lighting that Avedon has used creates a pale ,flawless canvas which draws the attention of the viewer . 
Image found :
This is an  image of super model twiggy , I like how the hair is causing movement within this image, the lighting from above captures the highlights adding tone against the grey background . The stare of twiggy makes the audience wonder what she is looking at , it is a subtle stare like its something she desires or someone she wants to see . 
Image found :
At first sight this looked like an aggressive murder scene it is not until you look closer that it is death by stiletto . I like how this full length image is capturing a scene in just a single image . The model holding the stiletto could be holding a dagger , or knife but the audience can see this so the fact that it is a show adds further depth to the image . I also like how the models have contrasting hair colour this shows there personalities within the image . 
Image Found :
This is one of Avedon most famous images , which happened by chance. The elephants created these movements and the model followed their direction . The elegance in the model pose is undeniable beautiful and with the elephants creating the same pose it appears as though they are dancing .  
Image found :
This is another image of movement caused by the hair , I like how the image has been captured from underneath the model adding power to the model . She is the prominent feature in this image and has the control of the environment . 

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