Choosing Image 2

 The second image I have chosen to depict is when Julia and Winston go to the country to have their first sexual encounter . Throughout this scene Julia is the more foreword showing her experience as she has had sexual relations with the other party members. The location is a grassy floor by some tree's where there are no camera's or microphones. It is a summers day and the sun is shining throught the greenness of the leaves and grass , this an aspect that I will have to enhance if the weather is not out with lighting.

Winston has collected bluebells and they are on the floor , bluebells are illegal to pick . So this could represent that what they are doing is forbidden .
Julia is describes to have a youthful body , a mass of dark hair and a wide red mouth. This will be represented in the make up hair and styling .
At this point in the scene Julia rips of the anti sex league red sash , so this will not be apart of the styling in this image .

Sunlight filters onto their faces , the shot needs to be light from above .

Using the other information to create the setting for the image this will be the point that I will be depicting when Julia begins to undress , I would like the camera to be in the perspective of Winston looking at her .
'His eyes are anchored by the freckled face with its faint, bold smile'
Full length shot 
  • Camera : will be at eye level with Julia looking slightly tilted down . 
  • Lighting : natural lighting and from above , also shining of the grass 
  • Make up : Bold lips , freckled face , contouring , thick lashes , lighter eyes that image 1.
  • Hair : pageboy up  
  • Styling : denim overall, with nothing underneath . 
  • No shoes 
  • Image : Black and White . 

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