Guy Bourdin

French photographer Guy Bourdin was influenced by Man Ray and the surrealist movement , Bourdin started taking photographs for Vogue magazine and was in strong competition with Helmut Newton with the images within the magazine . Bourdin base his images of sexuality , death and enclosed spaces. 

Image found :
This image shows a bright intense red lip and nails, the shine on the lips and the nails is captured by the lighting . This give a glossy finish, which gives a seductive , sexual theme. Bourdin was obsessed with perfection within his images make up, hair and styling had to be completed to his standards, which is evident within in his images. 
Image found :
Boudrin also shot images Francine Crescent the accessories editor of Vogue in 1964 , some of the images shocked the publishers however none of images were ever refuse. 
This image has simple lines and the goal posts act as a frame for the model , I like how the image has been constructed in lines and blocks of colour . 
Image Found :
This image of a man emerging from water is beautiful , the lighting has captured the ripples in the water and the sepia tones draw out the tones of the body . The expression captures the emotion of breathlessness when leaving water . 

Image found :
This surreal image leaves the viewer questioning if the entire room was on a tilt or just the model and the chair. How is she suspended on that angle ? and why ? It appears that the women is about to levitate, that some mythical power is causing her the be in this position . The model has been positioned  to only fill half of the image which leaves the rest of the image blank and clinical . This may suggest something about her mental health that she has been in an empty room .  
Image found :
The model in this image has been positioned in an interesting way, showing seduction through the angles as if the model is teasing the audience . I like how the model appears as a statue and her shaded face entices the audience to want to see more . I would like to experiment with different positions in which a model can be used to enhance the emotion of an image. 

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