Story Board

This is how the shoots are planned with lighting and camera angles


Here are mixture of make up and hair images that are from the 40's and have been influenced by the 40's . These helped to create my final images and helped to set the scene of the images captured from the time period .

Constructing Image 3

This is the final image that I will be shooting, this will represent when Julia is caught by the Thought Police . I would like to use the description of Julia's skin tone as yellow and the rouge of her cheeks looks unattached and smudge .

The skin will be yellowed and I will add shine to the face to give the impression of fear . The blusher will be bold of the cheekbones and will be slightly smudged .

I would like to keep the eyes dark as before , to keep continuity within the 3 images . However I will add shine to the eyes using vaseline . 

The hair will be up with a 'bang' fringe as was worn in the 40's. The other hair will be down to create a back drop to the head shot . I would like this shot to look clinical and cold .

This shows the expressions of Julia being caught and also show the colours that I would like to enhance in the image .

This collage shows the extreme make up that Julia will be wearing , I want the image to feel as though the entire world is looking in and for Julia to be in fear . 

This is how imagine the final image to look it will be from an up close angle, Orwell describes Julia to be contorted in the scene and I would like to represent this through the photography and the mesh that I will be placing over the face . 

Constructing Image 2

This post has a collected of face charts, styling, Hair and collages which will help me create my second image . This image will be shot on location, which has been chosen already, it is a garden that has grass and a tree like described in the book when Julia goes to meet Winston at the 'Golden country' .

I want the face to appear similar to before , however I would like more depth to be added to the eye , this will enhance the eye and attract the viewer. 

The lips will be red again and nails will be painted red as described in the book Julia has long rounded nails . The face will be heavily contoured, this will help to define when it is turned into a black and white image . 

The hair will be formed as a pageboy style that was popular in the 40's for working women . This will be shaped around the face, I want the main focus of this image to be on the face and body as it is a full length shot . 

The styling options are jeans and a denim shirt or a denim dungerees , this will represent the blue overall which Julia wears , but will add a contemporary element to the image . 

This how vision the pose to be I would like Julia to be at the point of undressing, she is described to rip her clothes off , I would like to capture the moments just before this . 

This is a collage of the location . I would like the tree to be a main feature of the image as this depicts the setting of the image . 

Constructing Image 1

This is the elements of the final image , each will contribute to the shoot.  It will help to be organised the shoot on the day and I will be prepared for the look .

A strong dark line on the eyelid will be created using eyeshadow , the face will be contoured using different shade of foundation to add depth to the cheeks and to give a gradual blend into the into the face . 

The lips will be wider than normal to mimic the character of Julia, freckles will also be added to the face . I would like these to be bold and visible from a distance . 

The hair will be half up in two victory rolls with one slightly bigger than the other, the rest of the hair will be down and curling. This will be achieve by curling the hair then pin curling the curls until cooled . This will leave the hair curled as they would have had it in the  40's.

There are two styling option, one will be a blazer and pants and one will be a coat that will have the red sash round the waist . This will represent the overall that Julia wears through out the book, however to add a contemporary fashion element to the image I have decided to use styling from high street shops which have been influenced by the era . 

This is a collage of how I vision the image to appear , I would like there to be movement in the image , and the model to be throwing the book at the camera . As Julia does with the newspeak dictionary in 1984. 

Make up Testing

In order to be prepared for the final shoot I have conducted some make up tests on myself and my model . This has helped me to understand the final outcome of the shoots and allowed for any mistakes or dislikes to be corrected . 

I experimented with a contemporary version of the 1940's make up adding shimmer to the eyeshadow and toning down the red lips to a darker red . However, I do not believe this to be bold enough and the eyes look to smokey for the era . I will enhance this look for my final shoot .

To achieve Julia's yellow skin tone in the final image, I have experimented with contouring using different tones of foundation . This has given the skin a deathly feel, however I feel this may be too subtle for the final image as I would like it to be bold and reflect the description of yellow on the face and rouge falling off the cheek .

This is a quick test of how envisage the first shoot to look, I would like the eye to be define with a strong black shadow as they would have used in the 40's .I will be shaping the eyebrows and adding false eyelashes in the final shoot . 

I would like the lips to look bold as Orwell describe Julia however I feel this may be too extreme for the shoot , I want to add a contemporary feel , but I do not want to present a animation  of Julia. 

This is a test of the second image , I like how this illustrates the freckled face of Julia and the eyes are deep which attracts the attention of the viewer . I believe this will be bold enough for the final image to be turned into black and white . 

This is a test of the final image ,  prefer this to the contouring on the face as it is bold and colourful which reflects Julia's personality . 

Hair Testing

In the 1940's hair was to designed to be kept away from the face, as women were now working the jobs that men had previously done before the war, they had to be practical. 
Here are a some hair testing that I have designed for the final images, I have tried to keep a 40's feel to the hair some are slightly exaggerated version of the styles as this is a contemporary fashion interpretation of Julia . 

Design 1
This was an easy style to achieve however was time consuming as the hair had to be curled directionally with tongs, then pin curled and left until completely cool and the brush out and pin into position.  I could use elements of this design and investigate a quicker way of achieving the desired look. 

Design 2
This is a constant victory roll around the head which was also called a pageboy when women in the 40's would fold their hair upwards and pin it in . This is a modern take in the traditional hairstyle . It was achieve by taking small sections and creating barrel curls around the head . The only thing I do no like about this style is from above the joins are visible , this can be resolved by teasing and backcombing the hair. 

Design 3
I created this style by making  asymmetric victory rolls, and then leaving the hair and the back down, to achieve this the hair was again curled and pin curled , which leaves the hair with bend making it easier to fold into a roll and is also how they would have achieved this look in the 40's . 

Design 4
Using the same hair design as design 3 I added the upwards pageboy roll , this again looks very sectioned but this does have a lot to do with the type of hair on a dolls head . On a normal head of hair this could be blended together . 

Design 5

This is finger waving and creates a loose indent in the hair , I like the final outcome of the designs but I feel they look slightly to 20's rather than 40' s. I am glad I tested the look to see the final out come and will now keep pin curling the hair .

Design 6 
This is an intricate 40's up do . I am very happy with the final design however this has it time constraints, as to achieve this look the hair has to have bricrk heated roller place in brickwork, directional format . The cooled and pined into place , with Julia also being described as a working women I think this may look a little to high class . 

Design 7
This was achieve by pin curling the hair and brushing it out to create a loose curl to the hair . 

Design 8
I have tried to recapture the bang fringes that were worn in the 40's I like this style as it is an iconic style that has been  regenerated within fashion hairstyles throughout the years . 

Design 9

Practising Victory rolls , although the clip is very noticeable It is clear the roll is an interpretation of 40's style . I would definitely like to use victory rolls within my designs . 

Design 10
This is loose curls created with tongs and then brushed out , I have parted the hair to the side and backcombed the fringe to give height to the front of the hair .