Hair Testing

In the 1940's hair was to designed to be kept away from the face, as women were now working the jobs that men had previously done before the war, they had to be practical. 
Here are a some hair testing that I have designed for the final images, I have tried to keep a 40's feel to the hair some are slightly exaggerated version of the styles as this is a contemporary fashion interpretation of Julia . 

Design 1
This was an easy style to achieve however was time consuming as the hair had to be curled directionally with tongs, then pin curled and left until completely cool and the brush out and pin into position.  I could use elements of this design and investigate a quicker way of achieving the desired look. 

Design 2
This is a constant victory roll around the head which was also called a pageboy when women in the 40's would fold their hair upwards and pin it in . This is a modern take in the traditional hairstyle . It was achieve by taking small sections and creating barrel curls around the head . The only thing I do no like about this style is from above the joins are visible , this can be resolved by teasing and backcombing the hair. 

Design 3
I created this style by making  asymmetric victory rolls, and then leaving the hair and the back down, to achieve this the hair was again curled and pin curled , which leaves the hair with bend making it easier to fold into a roll and is also how they would have achieved this look in the 40's . 

Design 4
Using the same hair design as design 3 I added the upwards pageboy roll , this again looks very sectioned but this does have a lot to do with the type of hair on a dolls head . On a normal head of hair this could be blended together . 

Design 5

This is finger waving and creates a loose indent in the hair , I like the final outcome of the designs but I feel they look slightly to 20's rather than 40' s. I am glad I tested the look to see the final out come and will now keep pin curling the hair .

Design 6 
This is an intricate 40's up do . I am very happy with the final design however this has it time constraints, as to achieve this look the hair has to have bricrk heated roller place in brickwork, directional format . The cooled and pined into place , with Julia also being described as a working women I think this may look a little to high class . 

Design 7
This was achieve by pin curling the hair and brushing it out to create a loose curl to the hair . 

Design 8
I have tried to recapture the bang fringes that were worn in the 40's I like this style as it is an iconic style that has been  regenerated within fashion hairstyles throughout the years . 

Design 9

Practising Victory rolls , although the clip is very noticeable It is clear the roll is an interpretation of 40's style . I would definitely like to use victory rolls within my designs . 

Design 10
This is loose curls created with tongs and then brushed out , I have parted the hair to the side and backcombed the fringe to give height to the front of the hair . 


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