Constructing Image 2

This post has a collected of face charts, styling, Hair and collages which will help me create my second image . This image will be shot on location, which has been chosen already, it is a garden that has grass and a tree like described in the book when Julia goes to meet Winston at the 'Golden country' .

I want the face to appear similar to before , however I would like more depth to be added to the eye , this will enhance the eye and attract the viewer. 

The lips will be red again and nails will be painted red as described in the book Julia has long rounded nails . The face will be heavily contoured, this will help to define when it is turned into a black and white image . 

The hair will be formed as a pageboy style that was popular in the 40's for working women . This will be shaped around the face, I want the main focus of this image to be on the face and body as it is a full length shot . 

The styling options are jeans and a denim shirt or a denim dungerees , this will represent the blue overall which Julia wears , but will add a contemporary element to the image . 

This how vision the pose to be I would like Julia to be at the point of undressing, she is described to rip her clothes off , I would like to capture the moments just before this . 

This is a collage of the location . I would like the tree to be a main feature of the image as this depicts the setting of the image . 

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