Constructing Image 3

This is the final image that I will be shooting, this will represent when Julia is caught by the Thought Police . I would like to use the description of Julia's skin tone as yellow and the rouge of her cheeks looks unattached and smudge .

The skin will be yellowed and I will add shine to the face to give the impression of fear . The blusher will be bold of the cheekbones and will be slightly smudged .

I would like to keep the eyes dark as before , to keep continuity within the 3 images . However I will add shine to the eyes using vaseline . 

The hair will be up with a 'bang' fringe as was worn in the 40's. The other hair will be down to create a back drop to the head shot . I would like this shot to look clinical and cold .

This shows the expressions of Julia being caught and also show the colours that I would like to enhance in the image .

This collage shows the extreme make up that Julia will be wearing , I want the image to feel as though the entire world is looking in and for Julia to be in fear . 

This is how imagine the final image to look it will be from an up close angle, Orwell describes Julia to be contorted in the scene and I would like to represent this through the photography and the mesh that I will be placing over the face . 

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