Constructing Image 1

This is the elements of the final image , each will contribute to the shoot.  It will help to be organised the shoot on the day and I will be prepared for the look .

A strong dark line on the eyelid will be created using eyeshadow , the face will be contoured using different shade of foundation to add depth to the cheeks and to give a gradual blend into the into the face . 

The lips will be wider than normal to mimic the character of Julia, freckles will also be added to the face . I would like these to be bold and visible from a distance . 

The hair will be half up in two victory rolls with one slightly bigger than the other, the rest of the hair will be down and curling. This will be achieve by curling the hair then pin curling the curls until cooled . This will leave the hair curled as they would have had it in the  40's.

There are two styling option, one will be a blazer and pants and one will be a coat that will have the red sash round the waist . This will represent the overall that Julia wears through out the book, however to add a contemporary fashion element to the image I have decided to use styling from high street shops which have been influenced by the era . 

This is a collage of how I vision the image to appear , I would like there to be movement in the image , and the model to be throwing the book at the camera . As Julia does with the newspeak dictionary in 1984. 

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