Make up Testing

In order to be prepared for the final shoot I have conducted some make up tests on myself and my model . This has helped me to understand the final outcome of the shoots and allowed for any mistakes or dislikes to be corrected . 

I experimented with a contemporary version of the 1940's make up adding shimmer to the eyeshadow and toning down the red lips to a darker red . However, I do not believe this to be bold enough and the eyes look to smokey for the era . I will enhance this look for my final shoot .

To achieve Julia's yellow skin tone in the final image, I have experimented with contouring using different tones of foundation . This has given the skin a deathly feel, however I feel this may be too subtle for the final image as I would like it to be bold and reflect the description of yellow on the face and rouge falling off the cheek .

This is a quick test of how envisage the first shoot to look, I would like the eye to be define with a strong black shadow as they would have used in the 40's .I will be shaping the eyebrows and adding false eyelashes in the final shoot . 

I would like the lips to look bold as Orwell describe Julia however I feel this may be too extreme for the shoot , I want to add a contemporary feel , but I do not want to present a animation  of Julia. 

This is a test of the second image , I like how this illustrates the freckled face of Julia and the eyes are deep which attracts the attention of the viewer . I believe this will be bold enough for the final image to be turned into black and white . 

This is a test of the final image ,  prefer this to the contouring on the face as it is bold and colourful which reflects Julia's personality . 

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