Film Equilibrium

Equilibrium is set in the future , in a world where people inject a chemical in order to banish human emotion . It is illegal not to inject this daily . Cleric's work for the government and kill anyone who is not abiding to these rules . Children also help to identify people who are not taking this chemical , which references the children in 1984.
Eventually the main Cleric realises what the government is trying to do when he doesn't take the chemical , he then becomes the power to overthrow the government . This character reminds me of Winston, he seems the only one walking around knowing that something is wrong with the government . Although Julia admits that something is not right with the way they live , she is not interested in changing it , she is quite happy avoiding getting caught .
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The film was made in 2002 , and like in 1984 the world of equilibrium was trying to eradicate any history , all evidence of life before was removed . 
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Cleric's who work for the government , this is another image of how the thought police would be dressed . 
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The world of equilibrium is ruled by t.v screens , every one is dressed in cold tones , even the sunlight doesn't look warm . This almost looks like a video game , where you control people . 
This could be another form of research looking at the images of freeze framed video games .

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