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Brazil was released in 1985, although not as contemporary as the previous film , Brazil has a very similar story to 1984 . I found it interesting to watch as this film was composed in the same year that Orwell had based the book on , it is a Postmodern vision of dictatorship.

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The main character Sam Lowry lives in a futuristic world , where technology controls everything, however fragments of the 80's are still present. When the wrong man is arrested for crimes against the government Lowry takes it upon himself to rectify the issue. However, he falls in love and is set up by the government for crimes which he did not do. 
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This is an advertisement for the film, I like how this captures the essence of the film which is something I am aiming to do in 3 images . By looking at this image I can see a grey city which Lowry lives in, that appears structure. Then a volcanic irruption of dreams and imagination , I would like to experiment with drawings and collages to create a surrealist image. 
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Sam Lowry is depicted as an average man who works in an office, is good at his job and has a well respected father. The styling of Winston is very grey and subdued , I would imagine the inner party to be dressed in this type of suit . the setting of the office is how I imagine the Ministry of Truth where Winston works , grey, metallic, dark and busy.
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The shot above shows the area in which Lowry works , it is clear that in the work environment everything is of grey tone, it is not until he is outside of the work building that colour is brought in to the film . I like this use of colour, it sets boundaries for the audience and also helps to add emotion into the image . 

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The images above are of Lowry mum and friend who are obsessed with surgery and looking younger, this  references  1984 in with a Postmodern view as 'human' is being taken out of people. Natural beauty is no longer normal . Another reference to the book could be when O'brien tells Winston that physical change can be achieved if working for the underground movement , this change does happened not surgically but through torture Winston is starved and does not recognise himself . Although Julia's imprisonment is not mentioned in the book the physical change is noted and st the end of the book, Julia has gained weight . This is something that if wanted to display I could do so with styling .

Much like Winston, Lowry has vivid dreams where he is a knight in shining armour , through the dreams he imagines the same women, Jill who he is in search off and eventually falls in love with  . This is like Winston dreaming of Julia, although his dreams are not pleasant in the way he describes Julia, Orwell still writes them in the novel . This dark side to Winstons mind shows Julia in a completely different light , this would be a way in which to portray Julia although the images would be very dark . 
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