A contemporary Photographer Rankin is able to capture the essence of a women with in his images. Working for all the top fashion magazine , he has worked also created this within music videos and other media's .

Image found : http://rankin.co.uk/media/5289-291-009_f5_CROP1.jpg
This image attracted my attention as this is how I image Julia to appear in one of my images I would like her to look isolated from the rest of the world. She is after all in a world of her own , this model also shows a slight rebelion against the normal women , her hair is unkept , smudged eyes and dark lips . 
Image found : http://cached.imagescaler.hbpl.co.uk/resize/scaleWidth/460/?sURL=http://offlinehbpl.hbpl.co.uk/News/OMC/67A07758-E6B2-6B84-384FBA0CCC00399A.jpg
This image also reminded me of Julia instantly trapped within a tyranny , with innocence but darkness in her eyes . I like how the barbed wire looks close enough to piece the face but not quite there yet .... darkness is coming in the tangles web of the wire . 
Image Found : http://www.dusteddesign.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/model_snake.jpg
This image creates a relationship between the snake and the model just by the pose and although the snake is deadly the female model looks in control as she is teasing the snake. This could also reflect Julia with in the book she has the ability to control the men she is with even though they should have the power over her . She breaks the norm of how women should act and behave . 
Image found : http://xaxor.com/images/Rankin/Rankin15.jpg
This image shows how surrealism can be added to a contemporary image the month has been added several time around the face . I would like to experiment with recreating such techniques using eyes and photo shop , this may not work however I would like to see the image before i place it as a background for one of my final images . 
Image found :http://www.drive.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Images-of-Rolls-Royce-by-Rankin.jpg
The lighting in this image has captured the intensity of the eye make , when looking at the this image the eye is naturally drawn to the black glove and the dark eye . The hair that is covering the other eye hides the identity of the model keeping it secretive and seductive . 

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