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As I would like to encourape monochrome in my images , I been looking at video's which would help to view the way the lighting has been used in order to pick up highlights and shadows in the correct places . I also like the clean , shots in this video and the typography that has been used . This could be something that I could experiment with in Post production . 

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This video was created by Rankin , again I like the clean clinical colours , this is what I would lie to achieve in my images . The make up and hair capture the attention of the audience but it is the expressions that depict a story . I will be looking more into the work of Rankin . 

Azealia Banks 
Video found:
Although this video has not got the structure styling of the two previous video's I like how the brick wall in monochrome looks like a prison . I would like the location to reflect the control of the government , I feel that they should look clinical and like a animal that has been caged . I want them to portrayed the world which Julia lives in , so the viewer of the photograph is just another set of eyes looking in . 

Jacwob . feat Maiday 

Video found : 
In this video the strength of the dancer can be seen in her muscles, this is enhanced by the lighting , as it picks up the shadows and gives definition . I also like the paint that has been used on the hands I would like to experiment with a visual like this as Julia is seen with Oily hands , this could be a way of representing the oil in a fashion context . Towards the end of the film flashes of colour are seen If I was to add colour to my images I would like them in flashes I do not want them to be in full colour . 

Jay -Z

Video Found :
This video has been filmed to appear to be a home video , therefore the lighting has been emphasised in the direction of natural lighting . The video has a slightly green filter to it, which makes the tones not to harsh . This video also shows that in order to gain the best contrast between white and black the styling and location has to have definite light and dark colours .

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