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To help understand and develop the book 1984 , I began looking into contemporary films which were based on a similar theme . This would then show how a modern interpretation could possibly be portrayed .

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V for Vendetta was released in 2005, and had a lot of media attention as Natalie Portman shaved her head for the role.  The film is based in London under a totalitarian government , who have the ability to harm the community and cover up any thing which has happened . V was used in an 'experiment' at Larkhill, many of the patients were killed in experiments that took place however, a large fire killed the remaining patients and V was the only survivor . After the fire V took up an identity of a mask man , and killed everyone who was responsible for the actions that took place in Larkhill. Through his acts he was able to get the rest of society on his side a true ' Anti hero' . 
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Posters filled with slogans supporting the government are used throughout the film , these are very similar to 1984 . The layout and the text that has been used strongly reflects what Orwell was trying to describe . These poster uphold the views of the government and in turn brainwash the society, also known as propaganda. 
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The ' Big Brother' character or one of the leaders of the party is seen here with V cowardly and scared for his own life when he has killed and tortuted many innocent civilians . Although we never see Big Brother I believe this would be the cause if any of the high members of the inner party were to be tortured . In this film a clear physical transformation can be seen through the character Evey Hammond , played by Natalie Portman . Although the imprisonment is set up by V in order to get Evey to understand the government, the real emotion of torture is portrayed. This could resemble what actually did happen to Julia in 1984. Also in this state of torture V was able to transform Evey emotional state from hate to love . This happens in 1984 also in Winston's imprisonment . The physical representation can be seen with the shaving of her hair , she is no longer has feminine hair, she could be from either sex . This torture has striped away the identity of her former self , this happens in 1984 when Julia and Winston meet after their imprisonment Julia no longer looks the same. 
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I think this film represents a vivid image of how a modern government can be corrupt . This story  I believe has taken a lot of it influences from 1984 and it has worked well with blending the novel into a Hollywood story line . However, I am glad that the film is not a complete copy as I have watched this recently and I don't believe it will be a classic like the book it.  I like the colour tones used throughout the film, black, whites and red give an element of suspense and danger . I also like how it has been played out theatrically , although I would like to keep my interpretation classic , different themes may develop through my research . 

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