Robert Capa

Robert Capa was a photojournalist in who covered the Spanish was and world war two with imagery on the front line of the war. Capa has captured a time of terror within his images , as these images were captured within circumstances which defined George Orwell's writing career , I feel they are prominent source of research . 

Image found :
This image in my opinion tells a story of a mother evacuating her small son away from a war zone. The fascinating part of Capa work is that it is not stage, it is a realistic view of the war however, the emotion of a mothers love and protection is evident . I like how the image has been capture from below the subjects , this shows there triumph and determination against their challenges . Also the small boy clinging to the dress addresses fear, and security . 

Image found :
In my images I would like to capture movement. This is image shows the intensity of a movement and the force in which the subject is moving . It also shows the contrast between the shades of grey which help to focus on the main subject . 

Image found :
I choose this image as I feel if Julia was a woman of wealth I believe this is how she would have acted, Julia has the ability to engage men with her sexual bait . The sun is covered by the umbrella which allows the light to fall on the floor around the feet of the subjects . This could be a technique that I could use in my imagery instead of light from above using low lighting . 

Image found :
Throughout 1984 the city of Oceania is described to have a grey, heavy , dusty sky . Although I believe Oceania to be smoke filled as well as dust this image shows how light can be used to capture particles in the air . 
Image Found :

This image captures the death during the war. Although a horrific circumstance the image creates a story through the environment it is set . The man appears to be in a room on his own when he was shot . The room appears clinical and not somewhere that some one would live in . 
Robert Capa's images have allowed my research to focus on the images that George Orwell would have witnessed during his working life . I used these images as a source of reference for my final images, Capa has been able to create a narrative without the need of words .  

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