Jane Fulton Alt - Fine Art Photographer

Jane Fulton Alt is an American photographer who's images captured a vast amount of detail and depth . Fulton's images are beautiful and inspiring, each image details a story .

The burn is a collection of images that have been captured over a long period of time . Establishing the beauty behind a controlled fire, the smoke moves in drifts uncovering new images and developing a new landscape. These images are amazing , the movement which is visable in the smoke has inspired me to experiement although I will not be creating a large fire there are smaller ways in which to create smoke , which may be layered into the image . As I would like the background of the images to be heavy, reflecting the polluted air and space .
Image Found :http://www.janefultonalt.com/UserImages/1/10093/1/188302_extralarge.jpg
Image found : http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_jBXyK59W7KU/S0sbjNeC-VI/AAAAAAAAAec/JZrXmDq97f0/s400/1_JaneFultonAlt_Burn_2921.jpg
Image Found : http://photonola.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Jane-Fulton-Alt_Burn-No.45-450x450.jpg
Image Found: http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0092/5312/products/Burn_No.56_1024x1024.jpg?204
Image found : http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-LGqkQ7BW9no/TsWNtVvdBjI/AAAAAAAAOZw/VnuoOkfUX10/s1600/Alt%2BBurn_6464.jpg

These are just a selection of images from The Burn collection , I think the colours that a created by the objects surround the smoke are amazing . I also like what is left when the intense smoke has disappeared . This will be an experiment for the images , i will try and capture some images of smoke , this may be done through a bbq , small fire pit , cigarette smoke . 

Jane Fulton Alt has many collections of images that I am interested in but one that I believe to be of particular interest for 1984 is before the butterflies . This is a selection of image of a human cucoon , the blossoming of a butterfly or the caging of an animal depending on how you may approach it . This is like a fishbowl look at a cucoon which I believe would be interesting way to depict Julia when she is caught by the thought police the description Orwell gives of this violent attack is : 
'one of the two men smashed his fist into Julia's solar plexus, doubling her up like a pocket ruler. She was thrashing about on the floor, fighting for breath.'
'Then two of the men hoisted her up by knees and shoulders and carried her out of the room like a sack'.

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