Character analysis

An initial brainstorm on the character . 
I have decided to interpret Julia , I believe the changes in her character throughout the book captures the audience. There are a lot of areas in the book, where I would like to visually interpreted Julia . I would like to capture her emotions , how she is able to transform someone from hating her to being in total love with her. Julia manages to get Winston to fall so deeply in love with her , that there is a feeling that this is not the first time she has been able to control a man . This also develops a new control over Winston , not only is he being watched by Big Brother,  he now has Julia who is the controls all there meetings . Julia is the person who decides where they meet, if they meet and for how long, even to the point of giving Winston instructions of how to get to a meeting point and how to exit one.

What era does my character live ? 
The book was written in 1948/9 about how George Orwell visioned the future .
What does environment look like ?
Set in Oceania , London . The city is being constantly bombed so there is smoke and dust in the air . The housing near the bombings are described as 'chicken huts'
Everything is grey with the only colour used in the posters of Big Brother . 
Clocks are read using digital description (e.g fourteen hundred hours) 
The 3 of the Ministry buildings are tall and glass windows  , the ministry of love is all concrete ( no windows) and has security around the building, no one is allowed near the building for 1/2 km , there is barbed wire protecting the building. 
the electric is cut off at certain times of the day so the environment is using just natural lighting . 
Telescreen watch every movement and are grey with mirrors in them . 
Helicopters hover around the city like flys watching into people's window to ensure that the society is kept in check . 
Description of Julia
Works in the Ministry of Truth , in the Fiction department . 
lives in a hostel with women.  
Seen walking round the Ministry with oily hands , carrying a spanner . 
Thick dark hair , Freckled face, bold appearance, athletic movements, red lips , dark eyes and lashes . Rouge on cheeks 
A narrow red sash for the Junior Anti - Sex league - which is wound round her waist this emphasises her hips . 
Julia is first thought to be clean minded  and has a dangerous stare that fills Winston with Black Terror . However through out the book Julia shows how deceptive she is, She is does knows when to smile and act correctly in front of the camera's . Julia knows how to get chocolate off the black market , has had sex with other Party members and already knows places without camera's or microphones . 
Biggest Goal
To break the rules of the party without getting caught , and to be able to seduce men for her own pleasure.
Props that relate to character 
Red sash , blue overalls 
How do these props develop my character 
The red sash is taken off by Julia when she has sex with Winston , how this red sash also brings out her feminine hips . 
Emotion audience feels towards character ?
Love to Hate 

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