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I am currently studying Make up and Hair design at Southampton Solent University and have recieved a  project brief  named, Interpreting Narrative.  This blog will be used as a digital sketchbook to record my findings , research, plans and ideas . I did begin the project with a written sketchbook but I found that 1984 has been constructed on the future of technology, and I feel I can visually project this on a blog.
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I choose George Orwell's novel as have I previously read Animal Farm. I became fond of how Orwell takes a realistic issue, such as totalitarianism and transforms it into a fictional tale. Orwell's writing leaves the reader asking questions about the world we live in and what the future holds. As I have read 1984 in 2013 it is clear to see how true Orwell's predictions of the future really are . Although the book is called 1984 it was actually published in 1949, I will be taking my research from the eyes of George Orwell . I want to visualise what he was seeing at the time, what he had experienced in order for him to make such a strong judgements on the future, and for it to be so right !

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