Summary of 1984

The book begins in a world where three countries remain Oceania , Eastasia, Eurasia. Oceania is where the story takes place, the environment is controlled by a dictator named Big Brother , who is never seen but has a party of follows . Everyone must abide by the rules of Big Brother . The city of London is constantly being watched by the party, they are able to do this through camera's, microphones, helicopters and the thought police. The extent of the control is depicted through the children of these families who tell the party if there parents are thinking anything corrupt about the party . They would then be arrested by the Thought Police and sent to The Ministry of Love ( the polar opposite) this building is built like a pyramid, no windows, highly guarded and a place of torture.   

Winston works in The Ministry of Truth correcting the past so that Big Brothers predictions of the future are always correct. Winston has reservation about Big Brother . Throughout the working day there is a 2 minute hate and this is where all employees go to and watch Goldstein on big TV's who once tried to overthrow the government with his underground rebellion, something Winston would love to join . Goldstein is never seen much like his rival Big Brother which leaves the reader questioning is he even real? Is this country really controlled by two fictional characters ? One day during this two minute hate Winston notices Julia and instantly hates her as she looks like a follower of the party and he thinks she has no thoughts of her own against them.

A small note saying 'I Love You " from Julia to Winston changes all this , it shows that she is willing to take a risk as no written words can be passed around everything should be on a computer and any pieces of paper to be burnt . After this Julia and Winston begin to meet and it is from these meetings it is clear that Julia has been breaking the party rules her own way by having sexual encounters with party members . It is during one of these meetings that Julia and Winston get caught there has been a television watching there every movement and there both get sent to the Ministry of Love to be tortured. When Winston is about to die through all the torture he eventually breaks and screams that they should be doing this to Julia . Winston then gets released , knowing that one day he will be shot and vanish of the face of the earth , by the next person doing his job . 

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