London in the 1940's

The City

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Looking at the advertisements and buildings signs it is interesting that there is a strong use of red, yellow and white . This lettering and use of colour will be a source of reference to any lettering or branding on props and styling .

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This is a similar image with  from a different view, it is also
in sepia tones which I like the sky looks overexposed giving 
a hazy appearance  to the sky .

Looking at the delivery vans of the era also gives a reference point to style of writing and the layout of the text . This will help with any props I will need to use in my images . It also allows my research to continue to follow through the eyes of Orwell . This is what he would have been seeing when developing and writing 1984 . 

One of the first parades of army to stand down at the end of World War Two was the home guard who were civilians whom took to the streets after their daily jobs to protect England . 
This was a Parade of 7,000 through London, the streets were filled with onlookers cheering their army on . These parades would have been all over Great Britain and would have been witnessed by Orwell.

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This video shows the victory parade of 1946 through London , it was a procession of the armeoury used in the World War Two . This video also shows a real glimpse of the fashion of the times, with the onlookers on the streets . It is also interesting to see the grainy recording this is something I would like to capture with a modern twist . This will also help with the smoke and dust that I would like to capture in the air . I want the atmosphere to feel heavy , not only because the city is being bombed but because of the controlling nature of the dictatorship .

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